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    Small Self Storage Units

    Our small self-storage units range from 5’x5’ to 5’x10’ and are great for storing boxes, small furniture or the contents of one room. Whether you’re storing seasonal items or just need to clear out a little extra space for some unexpected house guests, we’ve got you covered.
    5'x5' - Large Closet​

    See what fits in a 5'x5' unit [​IMG]

    5'x10' - One Room​

    See what fits in a 5'x10' unit [​IMG]
    Medium Self Storage Units

    Our medium self-storage units range from 5’x15’ to 10’x10’ and are perfect for storing the contents of a one bedroom or two bedroom apartment. Whether you’re clearing out space for a remodeling project or storing your things temporarily while you move apartments, we’ve got you covered.
    5'x15' - Two Rooms​

    See what fits in a 5'x15' unit [​IMG]

    10'x10' - Three Rooms​

    See what fits in a 10'x10' unit [​IMG]
    Large Self Storage Units

    Our large self-storage units range from 10’x15’ to 10’x25’ and are ideal for storing items from a two bedroom house or larger. Whether you’re going on an extended trip or just need a place to store your things while your family moves to a new home, we’ve got you covered.
    10'x15' - Four Rooms​

    See what fits in a 10'x15' unit [​IMG]

    10'x20' - Five Rooms​

    See what fits in a 10'x20' unit [​IMG]

    10'x25' - Six Rooms +​

    See what fits in a 10'x25' unit [​IMG]
    Vehicle Storage Units

    We offer covered, uncovered and enclosed vehicle storage units ranging in size from 20' to 50' that are designed specifically for storing your car, RV, motorcycle or boat. Whether you need to free up space in your driveway or just want to protect your vehicle from the elements, we've got you covered.
    Up to 20' - Most Cars​

    See what fits in a 20’ unit [​IMG]

    Up to 35' - Most RVs & Boats​

    See what fits in a 35’ unit [​IMG]

    Up to 50' - Oversize Vehicles​

    See what fits in a 50’ unit [​IMG]
    Public Storage is the leading provider of storage units for your personal, business and vehicle needs with thousands of locations nationwide. We offer a wide variety of units and sizes available with no obligation and no long-term commitment. Call today at 800-688-8057 for a free reservation and get your first month's rent for just $1.
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